Cannes Young Lions ::: USA Winner

usa CANNES YOUNG LIONS 2016 :::  winner in film 

THE ASK WAS TO CREATE A 30-SECOND SPOT FOR VARIETY'S FREEDOM PROGRAM, A PROGRAM THAT DELIVERS VITAL LIFE-CHANGING EQUIPMENT TO CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS. WE HAD just TWO WEEKS to come up with the idea, concept and produce it. After earning the first place, we went to the Cannes Lions Festival to compete as “TEAM USA” in the young lions competition. 

on the left, you can see where people spend their days in cannes. On the right, you can see where I spent my days in cannes.

on the left, my BADGE WITH a PIcture they took from linkedin. On the right, ME WEARING THE BADGE AND NOT ENJOYING THE BEACh.

i LIKEd CANNES SO MUCH THAT I decided to OPEN my own BUSINESS THERE: maison franco. true story.